How to request Assistance CINTAF?


24-hour Call Centre:

 900 494 320 (Toll-free)

(+34) 91 196 25 25

Call to CINTAF 24 hrs Call Centre:  900 494 320 .

You only need identify yourself with your name and ID number  and we proceed to begin the requested service.

In case of a Funeral Service are also needed:

  •       Name and ID number of the deceased Affiliate
  •       The place where the deceased is
  •       Name and contact information of the service requester

It is important to contact CINTAF Call Centre directly to start the Assistance Service correctly.

The Services of Assistance CINTAF are complete and comprehensive*,  without any hidden or additional costs for the Affiliates or theur families.

(*Services under contract signed) 

We are ready to assist you 24 hours.