Second Medical Opinion provided in collaboration with The WorldCare Consortium:

Valid for all cases or treatments that can be altered the quality of life of the Affiliate, performing a complementary diagnosis of the disease and/or treatment. The service give access to the last scientific advances through world-renowned medical centres.

DNA Preserevation:
Extraction, preservation and availability of the DNA of the deceased for genetic or forensic uses. The service helps to prevent diseases and lend insight to indentify inherited risk factors into the family, protecting future generations. 

Psychological Care for the Affiliate in case of delicate personal or work situations (accident, illness, family problems etc), helping them to recover the emotional balance and performance. The Assistance includes face- to face sessions, general guidance and specific support for each case and personal circumstance.

Emotional Support for the family in case of decease of the Affiliate: form to show sensitivity and responsibility towards employees, members or users. The service includes a specific professional support for the family helping them cope the loss of the loved one.

Assistance CINTAF includes: